Plumeria, Frangipani, P. "Sariahs Curly Pink"
Photograph of P."Sariahs' Curly Pink" - Grown from seed.
Sister plant to P."Ammarons' Curly White" shown on the Homepage .

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If you are having Plumeria problems or if you have questions, I suggest you check the FAQ section below for answers to basic problems. If the FAQ section is of little or no help, you are always welccme to call me. If you live in North America, I would prefer that you call me rather than sending me an email. What appears to a simple question often requires a not simple answer. For this reason, I am offering my home phone number. You are encouraged to contact me by phone at 832-630-5334 and ask for Rick Stone. Never hesitate to call me it is never a bother. If I am home I will be happy to chat. Otherwise, leave a message and I will call you back. The best chance to find me home is between 8:00P.M. and 11:00 P.M. Central Time weekdays, most times Saturday or Sunday Afternoons. Long distance is free for me to anywhere in the US and Canada so I have no problems calling you back. It is not a problem to even call overseas as I have access to a cheap overseas phone service. If you feel you need to email me you may email me at: But, as I have said above, a phone call is preferred since most questions seem best answered with a discussion.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Look here for answers to general questions about Plumeria.

Rust Problem? Lately a yellow fungus is becoming more common and bothersome. An email I received explained the problem this way. "This year I have what looks like rust under the leaves of some of my larger Plumeria. It's pin head spots, color is bright yellow or orange. Leaves eventually die. I've tried spraying with a chemical which said it will control rust and have done this twice with no luck. Any suggestions?"
The following picture shows a leaf infected with this problem.

Plumeria Fungus

To control this fungus I use a liquid fungicide by Green Light called Fung-Away. I usually find it at Lowe's or Home Depot. Although it comes in a hose sprayer type container, I prefer to remove the top and mix it at about 6 to 7 tablespoons per gallon in a pump up sprayer. I spray both the bottom and the top of the infected leaves. I then wait for 2 or 3 days and spray the infected leaves again. Then after another day or so I check the condition of the fungus. When the fungus is dead it becomes a darker yellow and look dried up. When you run your finger tips across the infected area, if the fungus is controlled, no yellow should be left on your finger tips. Continue to spray every few days until all the fungus is dead.

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Adobe Acrobat File Water, fertilizer and Light for Plumerias I have decided to write this article to explain my way of growing Plumeria. I have over 250 Plumeria. The containers they are in run from 1 gallon to 30 gallons, new cutting to mature plants. In addition, only about 30 of the plants are named plants. I travel the world and have brought cuttings back from most of the world. When I bring the cuttings home, I know nothing about the growing personality of the cuttings, I have to learn as they grow.

Adobe Acrobat File Potting and Repotting Your Plumeria ............"for those of us growing plants in pots, a strong root structure is the key to the difference between a good tree and a great tree. Actually, the key is the trunk, but, in the early life of a Plumeria, as the roots go, so goes the trunk"..........

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I live in Houston, Texas. It freezes here in the winter so, I have to keep my Plumeria in pots and move them into my green house in the winter. I prefer soilless planting media for my potted Plumeria. I use Sta-Green brand All Purpose Potting Mix from Lowe's. If you desire a better understanding of Soiless Media. I recommend this article. If you want to make sure you have selected the same soil I am using, look on the back and see that it contains AquaGuard(R). To learn more about AquaGuard(R), go here. Why AquaGuard is helpful.
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Enhanced Winter Flowering of Plumeria with Ethephon
Richard A. Criley
Researcher, Horticulture, CTAHR (Abstract from Acta Horticulture 1995. 394.)