Plumeria, Frangipani, P.Singapore White
P. 'Singapore White'

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We are trying to make a list of all published plumeria names, the source of the name and when and where the name was first used in print. Additionally, some names are on the International Register (indicated by Reg) for Plumeria by the Plumeria Society of America and others have been trademarked (indicated by TM). We will try to include this information also. This is a beginning effort and the tables below are lacking lots of information. If you have information that can be added to this table please send us an email. For the moment, we have listed all names that we know about. The basic list came from Milt Pierson We have added some other names that we know about. We have made no attempt at this time to try to associate different names with the same plant. For the moment we are only trying to determine information regarding what names have been used to name Plumeria. If the name has a link then we have located a web page with information and or a picture about that particular Plumeria. If a link does not work, please let us know.

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