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Frangipani, Plumeria from Michael and Lori Frangipani, Plumeria from Michael and Lori

Christine Hunt -I have been told that I have a frangipani but the flowers on this plant have no smell. Do you know if it is or not.  see attached photo. My late father in law gave me the plant about a year ago... he had gotten it in the mail.

Shila Martins' Common White Plumeria
Sheila Martin - I am originaly from England I live in Ohio now,I allways have been interested in plants and when I first learned about plumerias I was hooked. I just started late last year I bougt my first one from Florida. I have also gotten some from Milt. Anyway I had one bloom this summer and Im sending you a pic. It is the common white.

 Milt, Mary, Rick
OK, Mary, you asked to see the Pictures I get in my emails. Well, here you are. This is a picture of Milt---Mary--& Marys house, in front of a beautiful Plumeria. We are a bit of a mess at this point, Milt and Rick had just harvested some water lilies out of the lake in Marys back yard.

PSA July 1999 Plant SalePSA July 1999 Plant Sale