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My goal this year is to have flowers all winter. So far, so good. I have about 10 plants still blooming and about 20 other getting ready to bloom. I have some fans in there to keep the air moving. I also spray regularly to keep the fungus and black tip under control.

Plumeria greenhouse at night

Here is a picture of my 1999-2000 greenhouse. I had just stuffed all the plants in the greenhouse area and was getting ready to put the plastic over the frame. This is a good picture because it shows the lighting. The lights in the green house are always on from dusk to dawn.

Plumeria Greenhouse

Here is the greenhouse after I covered it with 6mil plastic.

Plumeria Greenhouse

The greenhouse from a different angle.

Plumeria Greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse. The greenhouse is heated by a 20,000btu gas heater. Temperatures inside the greenhouse usually get to a low of 56F at night and about 95F to 110F during the day.

Ricks Greenhouse
My Greenhouse last winter (Winter of 1998-99). The plants have grown so the green house this year is a bit bigger.
Plumeria in the Greehouse

This is what makes all the hard work worth the effort. (Taken in January 2000 in the greenhouse)

The above two pictures were taken March 22, 2000

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