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Patrenella's Italian Restaurant

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Sammy Patrenella, his wife and their son operate, in my opinion, one of the best Italian restaurants in Houston. Their Italian restaurant is located in a house that was Sammy's home as a child. What could be better than eating great Italian food, while surrounded by Plumeria. Patrenella's address is 813 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, Texas. (From the corner of Shepherd and Washington, go East on Washington about 7 blocks and turn right on Jackson Hill Street.) For more information call 713-863-8223. Patrenella's is open for Lunch and Dinner Tuesday through Friday and after 5PM Saturday for dinner. I like to go at 5PM on Saturday, before the rush and enjoy a meal on the patio surrounded by Plumeria. -Rick-

P.S. Ask him for a sample of his home made Italian Sausage, it is delicious. And, if you think of it, tell him Rick sent you

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