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Here is an interesting email we received. We are posting it here becuse others might find it interesting. Besides, he sent some pictures. As we get more like this, we will add more pages to this section - Webmaster

The plumeria is 1 year old and has never bloomed. It was doing fine until the clay pot broke. Within 1 day I repotted it into a new pot, then all the leaves wilted. I gave it half shade half sun as per the EXOTIC PLUMERIA'S suggestion. after one week it came back and stood proud, but now the last 3 or 4 leaves are ill formed. what do i do now? Are the spiky things leaves that are not formed properly? Should I cut the bottom leaves... as you said? Does the tip look normal? If not will it be OK? Here are the pictures. I took some of the stressed leaves with black paper behind them so they would show up better.

This was my email respone:
Thanks for the email and the pics. everything is OK with your plant. It just got stressed a bit. Yes the spiky things are leaves that did not form properly. Dont worry about the leaves, the next leaves will be OK. The tip looks good and looks like it is back to making leaves again. The plant looks real good so you dont need to cut the bottom leaves as I had mentioned. You might get a little bonus. Usually the plant does not make more branches until it flowers. However, in your case it looks like you might have a few tips starting where the leaves meet the trunk. That would be nice as it would give you a fuller look lower to the ground. Your plant looks like a Singapore White. They make nice flowers and are a good looking tree too. Be patient for the flowers. Keep using super bloom or some other big middle number fertilizer on the plant every three weeks or so and perhaps you will have flowers yet this year and just treat it normal. It is a healthy plant. - Webmaster

Some additional comments:
I don't use clay pots. It is too hard to control the moisture in the soil. Because the plant roots attach to the pot side, the roots are damaged when the then plant is moved to a larger container. And, it is necessary to break the pot to move the plant to a larger container. besides, the black plastic nursery pots are cheap.

If you have comments or questions, just send an email - Thanks